Villa Migliorini‚Äč

Villa Migliorini

Special features of the Villa

Special features of the Villa

Villa Migliorini is located in a strategic position, in less than 10 km from Florence in less than an hour you can also reach other cities of art like Siena, Pisa, Arezzo, Lucca, Vinci, San Gimignano and the beautiful scenery offered by the hills of Chianti. Our accommodation is also very close to the bus stop and a few minutes from the railway station of Signa and Lastra a Signa that will enable you, in ten minutes, enjoy Florence without the worry of finding a parking space.

The Pergola
Walking among the gardens of the villa, you can reach a wonderful pergola of laurel, within which you can sit, alone, on the stone benches to enjoy a beautiful panorama on the hill in front.

The private Chapel
In case you need a moment of prayer and recollection with yourself, is at your disposal in the private chapel of the family, consecrated, in which they were celebrated marriages and baptisms.

Inside of Villa Migliorini, you can take a walk through the paths immersed in the olive grove, as well as assist in the collection of the olives, which takes place between October and December of each year.

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